2016 Honors Awards


Apr 16


Do you know anyone who has made great strides this past year, shown exceptional professionalism or leadership, developed a new or innovative process or made a contribution to our field that has made a positive impact for our profession and/or the children we serve? If so, please consider your colleagues for the awards listed below. The awards will be presented at the Fall Conference.

The 3 award categories are Honors of OSSPEAC, Founder’s Award, and Outstanding Service Award. A short description of the award categories are below. Please use the survey monkey link to make your recommendation before September 14, 2016. We thank you in advance! 

Honors Nomination Link

Honors of OSSPEAC

This honor is  awarded to a  speech/language pathologist  and /or educational audiologist  who has worked  in a school/educational setting  and is currently  an OSSPEAC member. This award is presented to  an individual who has  made outstanding contributions through:

  • Participation in/contribution to OSSPEAC
  • Outstanding work as a clinician/supervisor
  • Providing or initiating innovative programming
  • Contribution to publications/literature/research
  • Other areas of achievement  deemed worthy of nomination

 Founders’ Award

This honor is awarded to up to two  members in good standing who exemplify the  mission of OSSPEAC,  “Removing Communication  Barriers for  Ohio’s Children” will  be honored. The speech/language pathologist and/or educational audiologist will  have made an impact through service to their  local school district  or student(s)  in their  school district. The following factors are considered:

  • Improvement of the life of  students who  have speech, language, and hearing needs
  • Collaboration with district  personnel, parents, and students
  • Excellence  in innovative contributions  and programs to the work setting
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership at the  local level

This award is  presented by OSSPEAC  in honor  of the  Founders’ of OSSPEAC.


Outstanding Service Award– This award is presented to an individual who has provided outstanding support to speech/language pathology and/or educational audiology services being provided in a school/educational setting. Individuals may include a classroom teacher, administrator, classroom assistant, educational interpreter, intervention specialist, occupational or physical therapist, counselor, social worker, parent, legislator, or member of another organization.

Contact Reena Kothari at reenaaud4@gmail.com for more questions

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