2016 Conference CEU Credit

Thank you for joining us at the OSSPEAC Conference.  This is just a reminder to visit our website to enter the sessions you attended to receive credit.


Website:  www.osspeac-ceu.org

Select PDCH or ASHA Credit, if you select ASHA, you will need your ASHA number

Type in your LAST NAME (exactly as it appeared on your registration sheet) and your CONFERENCE ID #, which was listed on your conference registration sheet.


Enter the sessions you attended in the column marked “Session #”; the title and number of minutes will automatically be populated.  After entering the sessions you attended you will “submit”.  You will then have the opportunity  to “Print this Page” which will contain a listing of the sessions you entered and the total credit you earned.  You will want to keep this printout until the credits show up in your ASHA registry or you receive a Certificate of Attendance from OSSPEAC.


All participants who sign up for PDCH will receive a Certificate of Attendance in the mail stating the number of hours they received while attending the OSSPEAC Conference.  Those who signed up for ASHA will have their hours transmitted directly to ASHA.


If you have any problems with the online process or if for some reason you are unable to complete the online process, please contact Ellen at OSSPEAC@windstream.net or call 888-258-1032.