2017 Additional Presenter Financial Disclosure

2018 Additional Presenter's Financial Disclosure

You have been listed as an additional presenter for an OSSPEAC Conference presentation. ASHA requirements require us to obtain financial and non-financial statements from all presenters. Please complete the following information. If you have any questions, please contact OSSPEAC at 888-258-1032 or info@osspeac.org. Thank you!

List title of the presentation you are co-presenting.

Presentation 2 Details

List the title of the presentation you are co-presenting.

If you have indicated above that you have Financial or Nonfinancial relationships to disclose, you must complete more information below. This financial disclosure applies to each presentation you will be giving at the 2016 OSSPEAC Conference.

Financial Disclosures

If you indicated a financial relationship, please fill provide more information below

Financial Relationship Disclosure 1
Financial Disclosure 2
Non-Financial Relationship Disclosure
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