OSSPEAC is collaborating with Ashland University to offer one (1) graduate credit hour for $195.00.  Attendance is   required for 12.5 contact hours which can be acquired Sunday, Monday or Tuesday (Monday and Tuesday only participants will have to attend the Tuesday Audiology lunch session to obtain enough hours), with a short project due by  November 2, 2017.  The project requirements are as follows:

  1. List 3 conference sessions you attended and write one page for each session that addresses the following:
  2. The main points of the session, including what was new to you.
  3. How what you learned in this session impacts your professional practice. Include any “AHA” moments and specific examples of how you can use what you learned in the session.
  4. Email your paper to Dr. Pam Danklefsen at danklefsenplc@gmail.com by Wednesday, November 2, 2017. You will receive an email acknowledgment of receipt once your attachment is opened. Grades (S/U) will not be posted until early December.  You can access your grade through WebAdvisor on Ashland University’s website. 

Payment for university credit can only be made on-site to the Ashland University      representative. The Ashland representative will be available Monday 11:30-1:00 at the Registration Area.  Check or credit cards are accepted.  A 3% surcharge will be assessed on credit card transactions.  Any questions about payment or transcripts should be directed to the Professional Development Office at 877.557.9497.