Help for school-based SLPs working with English Language Learners


Apr 15


This month we have an awesome resource for you!  Maria Petrasko, a graduate student in the speech-language pathology program at Kent State University has prepared a helpful resource guide for working with English Language Learners (ELLs).  Here is a description of why she chose to create this manual for her non-thesis project.

                “I am passionate about educating children and adult students, especially those who have ‘slipped through the cracks.’  I have been obsessed with the Spanish language ever since I experienced my first trip to Mexico when I was twelve years old. My love of languages and cultures took me to Wheeling Jesuit University, in Wheeling, WV where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a second B.A. in International Studies. During my senior year at Wheeling Jesuit, I discovered the field of speech-language pathology while browsing the web in an attempt to find my life’s path. I knew that I had found my “soul mate” of a career after my first phonetics class during a post-baccalaureate year at KSU.  I don’t know where I will find myself after graduation; however, one thing I do know is that I am excited and grateful to be a part of the speech-pathology world.  It is my pleasure to share this informational manual with you, and it is my hope that the manual can be a “go-to” resource when ELLs are referred to you.”

The Resource Guide for the Speech-Language Pathologist Working with English Language Learners   has seven sections covering an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the SLP, legislation related to services for ELLs and stages of second language acquisition.  In the second half of the resource guide you will find information, tips and resources for assessment, intervention and classroom considerations.  There is also a helpful reference section for your further study. 



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