Scholarships and Grants

 The Julie S. Kelly Memorial Scholarship

The Julie S. Kelly Scholarship is an annual gift awarded to a hearing impaired high school senior who will pursue post secondary education.

In memory of our treasured colleague, Julie S. Kelly, OSSPEAC has established a scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors pursuing a post-secondary education (university, college, and/or technical school). Since Julie was an audiologist dedicated to helping people with hearing impairments in many ways and believed in furthering one’s education, this scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who has a hearing impairment that will be pursuing further educational endeavors.

Submissions Due April 30. Winner will be notified by June 1. 



The Support Our Students (SOS) Grant fund  is designed for OSSPEAC members to purchase products that will assist students access their educational curriculum.  OSSPEAC members may complete and submit applications describing a student’s need for a specific item.  Members may submit applications for more than one item, but each request must be submitted on a separate application form.   Grants awards will range from $250-$1000.  If a product’s cost exceeds $1000, the overall cost may be subsidized.

Applications will be reviewed for consideration after November 1. Selections will be made by December 1. 

Interested OSSPEAC members must:

  1. Download the SOS Grant Application
  2. Complete the application in its entirety
  3. Save the application
  4. Submit the application by November 1.



The Ohio School Speech Pathology Educational Audiology Coalition (OSSPEAC) is committed to fostering our profession of speech/language pathology and audiology in Ohio’s universities. The OSSPEAC Graduate Scholarship has been established to raise awareness among graduate students of OSSPEAC and to recognize excellence of academic and clinical skills of individuals who plan a career in the educational setting. The OSSPEAC Graduate Scholarship is designed to assist audiology and speech pathology students who have secured second-year graduate student status depending upon their respective university’s credit hour policy by the fall. The requirements are not based on financial need.

The applicant must have the following requirements and documentation to be considered:

  1. verification of student having appropriate number of credit hours as of the fall to have second-year graduate student status
  2. verification of a 3.5 GPA or above
  3. completed application form
  4. one letter of recommendation from the applicant’s student teaching supervisor or clinical supervisor
  5. one letter of recommendation from college or faculty members on university letterhead

The selection committee will consist of a panel of at least five reviewers including but not limited to: Scholarship/Grant Committee Chairperson, OSSPEAC Audiology Representative, OSSPEAC Speech and Language Representative, OSSPEAC Treasurer and OSSPEAC President Elect.

In addition to a $1000.00 scholarship, the student will also be awarded registration to the annual OSSPEAC conference in Columbus to be honored and recognized by OSSPEAC members.